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Communication Standards Organizations from CJK Promoting the Standardization of NGN, N-ID and IPTV

The Eighth CJK NGN Workgroup Meeting and the Second CJK N-ID Workgroup Meeting were held on Feb 5th -7th in South Korea.  Thirty delegates from TTA, TTC and CCSA attended the meeting.

IPTV related technical issues were discussed at the 8th CJK NGN WG meeting, which had attracted more and more attention in recent years.  During this meeting, delegates from CJK reached consensus about the cooperation among the three parties in IPTV core technologies, including multicast, mobility and home network technologies. This cooperation mechanism was supposed to act as the platform to dialogue with ETSI of Europe and ATIS of the US in terms of  IPTV and NGN standardization. 

Furthermore, substantial progress had been made with regard to test-bed implementation and real-test.
At the second N-ID meeting, the delegates from CJK reached an agreement on the understanding of N-ID, and negotiated about avoiding duplication of effort in N-ID standardization.

The 9th CJK NGN WG meeting and the 3rd N-ID WG meeting was to be held on Apr 9th-11th in Korea, and the 7th CJK IT Standard Meeting was to be held in the corresponding period.

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