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 24th May, 2019

Recently, CCSA observes there are discussions on the rights of some specific member within some standards and industry organizations, triggered by the incident that the member is placed on Entity List by BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security). Hence, CCSA announces:


1.    CCSA is an open non-profit legal person organization conducting standardization activities in the field of ICT. The rights of any member will be protected by the bylaw of the association, as long as the member complies with the applicable laws and regulations.

2.    CCSA strongly believes, an open standards and industry association should not restrict, suspend or stop any member from participating in its public activities, under the condition that the member complies with the applicable laws and regulations.

3.    Based on the above principles:

·      The rights of CCSA members will not be impacted whether they are on the Entity List by BIS or not.

·      All members (including those on the Entity List) may continue to join CCSA public activities without any impact.

·     CCSA serves all members and protects their rights in accordance with the association’s bylaw.


- About CCSA

China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) is an open non-profit legal person organization, with members joining voluntarily to conduct standardization activities in the field of ICT (Information and Communications Technology).


CCSA aims to bring all members together and organize ICT standardization research activities, to support China ICT industry and contribute to global ICT industry with other international standardization organizations, in accordance with the principles of fairness, justice, openness and consensus.


CCSA adopts membership system and welcomes all those are willing to contribute to standards of ICT industry, including but not limited to companies, corporates, institutions and organizations.

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