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[YDC] Communication standard technical documents for reference

Communication standard technical documents for reference£¨YDC£©£ºStandards, developed for the purpose of "advance standardization" in a certain areas, and for temporary use.
In regard to technologies still in development but needing technical documentation for the specification, or technologies bearing Standardization value but not suitable to establish standards, communication standard technical documents for reference can be developed and be recommended to the industry for temporary use. Such documents can be converted into standards according to the procedures when the market and technical development conditions turn to mature.
Such standards documents are established, printed and distributed by the authority of communication industry standardization, with the same applying scope as communication industry standards.

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81 YDC 006-2002 Technical Specification of Switching Sub-system for 900/1800MHz TDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunication Network Subscribers to Select Different Long-distance Networks 2002-01-25 Withdraw
82 YDC 003-2001 General Technical Requirements for Softwsitch 2001-12-03 Withdraw
83 YDC 002-2001 Technical requiremnts and testing methods for CPN providing public telecommunication services 2001-10-15 Withdraw

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