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[YDB] Communication Standard Technical Report

Communication Standard Technical Report£¨YDB£©£ºStandards document developed by CCSA, under the designation of the MII, which are for technologies still in development, but in need of appropriate standards document to guide the development in such areas.

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NoDocument #TitlePublish DateStatus
121 YDB 014-2007 Technical Requirements of Fixed Broadband Wiress Access System Interface:Air Interface 2007-06-11 In force
122 YDB 003-2006 Technical requirements of Interface between Mobile Terminate and LCS Portal 2006-12-28 In force
123 YDB 001-2006 The Specifications of intelligent V-switch 2006-12-26 In force
124 YDB 002-2006 Technical requirements of WAP Interface for Mobile Terminal in Location Service 2006-12-26 In force

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