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Communication industry standards£¨YD, YD/T and YDN£©£ºRegulatory documents issued and approved by the communications industry standardization authorities. The plan for standards developing is issued by the authority of communication standardization£¬while the draft standards are developed and examined by the CCSA, which are submitted to the industry authority for approval and issuance.

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21 YD/T 3494-2019 Test requirements for centralized remote data backup 2019-11-11 In force
22 YD/T 3495-2019 Interface specification for management platform in mobile APP developersdigital certificate 2019-11-11 In force
23 YD/T 3496-2019 Web security log format and shared interface specification 2019-11-11 In force
24 YD/T 3497-2019 Technical specification for cloud and terminals coupling management system of mobile Internet malware 2019-11-11 In force
25 YD/T 3499-2019 Technical requirements of secure operations of resource public key infrastructure (RPKI)-Certificate policy and certification practice framework 2019-11-11 In force
26 YD/T 3500-2019 Technical requirements of secure operations of resource public key infrastructure (RPKI)-Resource encompassment verification 2019-11-11 In force
27 YD/T 3503-2019 The service ability identification rules of the third party organization of Internet security assessment of new technologies and new business 2019-11-11 In force
28 YD/T 3287.4-2019 Test methods for interfaces in intelligent optical distribution network-Part 4:The interface between network management system and operation support system 2019-11-11 In force
29 YD/T 3421.6-2019 Broadband customer intelligent gateway based on public telecommunication network-Part 6:Failure diagnosis parameters 2019-11-11 In force
30 YD/T 3508-2019 Technical specification for OF-CONFIG protocol 2019-11-11 In force
31 YD/T 3509-2019 Technical specification for segment routing 2019-11-11 In force
32 YD/T 3511-2019 Technique requests for disaster backup data deduplication system 2019-11-11 In force
33 YD/T 3512-2019 Technical requirements of monitoring platform on mobile resale service 2019-11-11 In force
34 YD/T 3517-2019 Specific requirements of the internet of things for big data 2019-11-11 In force
35 YD/T 3518-2019 Technical requirements for lightweight M2M device management service 2019-11-11 In force
36 YD/T 3519-2019 Technical requirements for multi-gateway cooperation in ubiquitous network 2019-11-11 In force
37 YD/T 3521-2019 Technical requirements for mobile education resource platform 2019-11-11 In force
38 YD/T 3522-2019 Test methods for developer support platform of mobile application 2019-11-11 In force
39 YD/T 3527-2019 Test methods for location service equipments based on LTE control plane 2019-11-11 In force
40 YD/T 3528-2019 Technique Requirements of User Plane Congestion Management 2019-11-11 In force

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