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Communication industry standards£¨YD, YD/T and YDN£©£ºRegulatory documents issued and approved by the communications industry standardization authorities. The plan for standards developing is issued by the authority of communication standardization£¬while the draft standards are developed and examined by the CCSA, which are submitted to the industry authority for approval and issuance.

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21 YD/T 3277.1-2017 LTE radio access network management technical requirement Part 1 Interface information model 2017-11-07 In force
22 YD/T 3278-2017 Test method for gateway equipment of wireless sensor network based on telecommunication network 2017-11-07 In force
23 YD/T 3279-2017 Specification for carrier network aware P2P traffic optimization¡ªNetwork matching server discovery protocol 2017-11-07 In force
24 YD/T 3280-2017 Distributed power system for network rack 2017-11-07 In force
25 YD/T 2165-2017 Modular AC uninterruptible power systems for telecommunications 2017-11-07 In force
26 YD/T 3281-2017 Technical requirements and test methods for HF frequency band radio monitoring receiver 2017-11-07 In force
27 YD/T 3282-2017 Test parameters and test methods for HF band mobile radio monitoring and direction finding system in OATS 2017-11-07 In force
28 YD/T 3283-2017 Technical requirements and test methods for user equipment of global system for mobile communications¨CRailways 2017-11-07 In force
29 YD/T 3284-2017 Verification requirement and testing methods for rogue base stations in public mobile communication systems 2017-11-07 In force
30 YD/T 3285-2017 Technical requirements for lightning protection of radio monitoring station 2017-11-07 In force
31 YD/T 3286-2017 Test methods for broadband universal service dedicated fixed customer promise equipment 2017-11-07 In force
32 YD/T 3287.1-2017 Test methods for interfaces in intelligent optical distribution network¡ªPart 1:The interface between network equipement and intelligent management terminal 2017-11-07 In force
33 YD/T 3287.21-2017 Test methods for interfaces in intelligent optical distribution network£­Part 21: The interface based the SNMP between network infrastructure and intelligent ODN management system 2017-11-07 In force
34 YD/T 1814.5-2017 Remote management for broadband customer network based on public telecommunication network--Part5:Parameter profiles for customer terminal equipment 2017-11-07 In force
35 YD/T 2336.3-2017 Technical requirements for packet transport network management Part 3: EMS-NMS interface function 2017-11-07 In force
36 YD/T 2336.4-2017 Technical requirement for packet transport network management Part 4£ºEMS-NMS interface common information model 2017-11-07 In force
37 YD/T 2616.7-2017 Technical requirement for PON network management Part 7£ºEMS-NMS interface information model based on XML 2017-11-07 In force
38 YD/T 3288-2017 Energy efficiency metrologies and test methods of access equipment¡ª10G-EPON system 2017-11-07 In force
39 YD/T 3289-2017 Energy efficiency metrologies and test methods of access equipment¡ªXG-PON system 2017-11-07 In force
40 YD/T 3290-2017 Technical requirements of all-in-one micro modular data center 2017-11-07 In force

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