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Communication industry standards£¨YD, YD/T and YDN£©£ºRegulatory documents issued and approved by the communications industry standardization authorities. The plan for standards developing is issued by the authority of communication standardization£¬while the draft standards are developed and examined by the CCSA, which are submitted to the industry authority for approval and issuance.

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NoDocument #TitlePublish DateStatus
3681 YD/T 762-1995 Technical requirements and testing method of SPC analogue telephone dispatching equipment 1995-07-11 Withdraw
3682 YD 5004-1994 Standars of Engineering Design for Digital Micyowave Relay Teiecomunication System(PDH Part) 1995-03-01 Superseded
3683 YD 5006-1995 Subscriber Line Engineering Design Standard for Local Telephone Network 1995-01-01 Withdraw
3684 YD 5007-1995 Communication Conduit and Passage Engineering Design Standard for Local Telephone Network 1995-01-01 Withdraw
3685 YD 5011-1995 Technical Specification for Constructruction and Acceptance of Teiegraph & Fax Equipment Installation Project 1995-01-01 In force
3686 YD 5012-1995 Insuiation Objective to Ground and Testing Method for Optical Cable Line 1995-01-01 Withdraw
3687 YD 5014-1995 Technical Specifications for digital muitipixer equipment instaiiation and acceptance 1995-01-01 In force
3688 YD/T 5015-1995 Engineering Drawing and Graphical Symbols for Communication Projects Diagrams 1995-01-01 Withdraw
3689 YD 5002-1994 Design Standard for Fire Protection of Posts & Communications Building 1995-01-01 In force
3690 YD 2012-1994 Technical specification of microwave relay communication equipment installation and acceptance 1994-01-01 Withdraw
3691 YD 2011-1993 Specification on Lightning Discharges and Earthing Edsign for Microwave Stations 1993-12-01 Withdraw
3692 YD/T 2008-1993 Standard for design of Telecommunications facilites in civic residential district and office buildings 1993-10-01 Withdraw
3693 YD/T 544-1992 Main Dimension of Telephone Transmiters 1992-01-01 Withdraw
3694 YD/T 545-1992 Main Dimensions of Telephone Receivers 1992-01-01 Withdraw
3695 YD/T 577-1992 Jack and Plug for Indoor Telephone 1989-03-31 In force
3696 YD/T 580-1992 The Technology of Wire-wrapping 1989-03-31 Withdraw
3697 YD/T 576-1992 Semiconductor Rectifier Equipments for Telecommunications 1988-12-30 Withdraw
3698 YD/T 562-1992 General Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Manual Toll Telephone Switching Equipments 1988-04-13 Withdraw
3699 YD/T 566-1992 Technical Requirement and Test Method for Monitor's Desk in Manual Toll Telephone Switching Equipments 1988-04-13 Withdraw
3700 YD/T 567-1992 Technical Requirement and Test Method for Exchanger of Operating Service in Manual Toll Telephone Switching Equipments 1988-04-13 Withdraw

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