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National Standards£¨GB, GB/T£©£ºRegulatory documents approved and issued by the national standardization authority. The plan for standards developing is issued by the authority£¬while the development and examination of draft standards are organized by the CCSA, which are submitted to the authority for approval and issuance.

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NoDocument #TitlePublish DateStatus
1 GB/T 31242-2014 Characteristics of single-mode optical fibres for equipment intraconnection 2014-12-05 In force
2 GB/T 31261-2014 Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)¡ªInteraction channel communication protocol for satellite distribution systems 2014-12-05 In force
3 GB/T 31262-2014 General technical requirements for Ku band vehicle mounted-satellite communication earth station under stationary using 2014-12-05 In force
4 GB/T 31263-2014 General technical requirements for Ku-band portable satellite communication earth station 2014-12-05 In force
5 GB/T 13993.2-2014 Optical fibre cables for telecommunication¡ªPart 2: Outdoor optical fibre cables for core networks 2014-12-05 In force
6 GB/T 13993.3-2014 Optical fiber cables for telecommunication¨DPart 3: Indoor optical fibre cables for generic cabling 2014-12-05 In force
7 GB/T 13993.4-2014 Optical fibre cables for telecommunication¨DPart 4: Outdoor optical fibre cables for access networks 2014-12-05 In force
8 GB/T 31243-2014 Specification of design for disassembly of telecommunication infrastructure equipment 2014-12-05 In force
9 GB/T 31244-2014 Specification for design for disassembly of telecommunication terminal equipment 2014-12-05 In force
10 GB/T 30963-2014 Specification for green package of telecommunication terminal equipment 2014-07-08 In force
11 GB/T 30284-2013 Technical requirements of security for operating system in smart mobile terminal£¨EAL2£© 2013-12-31 In force
12 GB 6364-2013 Electromagnetic environment requirements for aeronautical radio navigation stations 2013-11-12 In force
13 GB/T 29860-2013 Manufacturing technical requirements for communication steel pole tower 2013-11-12 In force
14 GB/T 29861-2013 The architecture of IPTV security 2013-11-12 In force
15 GB/T 19484.1-2013 Requirements and measurement methods of electromagnetic compatibility for 800MHz/2GHz cdma2000 digital cellular mobile telecommunications system - Part 1: User equipment and ancillary equipment 2013-11-12 In force
16 GB/T 23020-2013 Assessment specification on integration of informatization and industrialization for industrial enterprises 2013-08-02 In force
17 GB/T 29233-2012 Singlemode optical fibre telecommunication cables for outdoor duct, directly buried, and lashed aerial application 2012-12-31 In force
18 GB/T 14617.2-2012 Propagation characteristics in land mobile service and fixed service - Part 2: Propagation characteristics for the terrestrial fixed service in 100MHz¡«1000MHz 2012-12-31 In force
19 GB/T 14617.3-2012 Propagation characteristics in land mobile service and fixed service - Part 3: Propagation characteristics of line-of-sight radio-relay communications systems 2012-12-31 In force
20 GB/T 21645.9-2012 Technical requirements for automatically switched optical network (ASON) - Part 9: External network to network interface(E-NNI) 2012-12-31 In force

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