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Communication industry standards£¨YD, YD/T and YDN£©£ºRegulatory documents issued and approved by the communications industry standardization authorities. The plan for standards developing is issued by the authority of communication standardization£¬while the draft standards are developed and examined by the CCSA, which are submitted to the industry authority for approval and issuance.

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NoDocument #TitlePublish DateStatus
1 YD/T 3427-2018 High-power valve-regulated lead acid battery for telecommunications 2018-12-21 In force
2 YD/T 3328-2018 Upstream/downstream rate assignment requirements for public fixed broadband access services 2018-10-22 In force
3 YD/T 3318-2018 Interface technical requirements between trusted service management platform and Near Field Communication (NFC)application systems 2018-04-30 In force
4 YD/T 2638.2-2018 Technical requirements for priority calls in public communication network Part 2:CDMA Network 2018-04-30 In force
5 YD/T 731-2018 48V rectifier for telecommunications 2018-04-30 In force
6 YD/T 1818-2018 Power supply system for telecommunication data center 2018-04-30 In force
7 YD/T 1095-2018 AC uninterruptible power systems for telecommunications 2018-04-30 In force
8 YD/T 3320.1-2018 The high heat density thermal control equipment for telecommunication Part 1:In-row air conditioner 2018-04-30 In force
9 YD/T 2583.1-2018 Electromagnetic compatibility requirement and measurement methods for celluar mobile communication equipment Part 1:base station and ancillary equipment 2018-04-30 In force
10 YD/T 3321-2018 Requirements and evaluation methods of electromagnetic environment in home networking 2018-04-30 In force
11 YD/T 3322-2018 Technical requirement and test method of insulation safety sheath for overhead steel strand used on telecommunication 2018-04-30 In force
12 YD/T 3312-2018 Innovative and entrepreneurial supporting capabilities evaluation index for ICT companies 2018-02-09 In force
13 YD/T 3313-2018 Implementation guidance for brand cultivation management systems Communication industry 2018-02-09 In force
14 YD/T 2093-2018 Security protection testing requirements for the online business hall 2018-02-09 In force
15 YD/T 3314-2018 Security protection testing requirements for the network transaction system 2018-02-09 In force
16 YD/T 3315-2018 Telecommunication network and internet security service implementation requirements 2018-02-09 In force
17 YD/T 3269-2017 Test methods for digital cellular mobile terminals supporting IPv6 2017-11-07 In force
18 YD/T 3270-2017 TD-LTE digital cellular mobile telecommunication network-Technical requirement of eNodeB equipment£¨Phase2£© 2017-11-07 In force
19 YD/T 3271-2017 TD-LTE digital cellular mobile telecommunication network-Test method of eNodeB equipment£¨Phase2£© 2017-11-07 In force
20 YD/T 3272-2017 LTE FDD digital cellular mobile telecommunication network - Technical requirement of eNodeB Equipment£¨Phase2£© 2017-11-07 In force

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