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Under the guidance of MII, CCSA actively participate in ITU corresponding activities. By the end of 2006£¬about 1244 contributions were submitted to ITU-T and ITU-R. The number of contributions submitted is increasing year by year, with the technical depth and breadth improved a great deal and the adoption rate increased gradually.  For example, many drafts were adopted by ITU in the study of NGN, QoS, network management, IP and multimedia, transmission and access, network security and other fields.  On the two meetings of ITU-T FGIPTV in 2006, China had submitted 86 contributions, topped the member states presented.

With the platform of the Association and the International Standards Organization, it emerges a large number of international standards work talents. At present, there are 7 experts from China acting as Vice Chairmen of study groups in ITU.

CCSA publishes IMT-2000 standards by transposing the specifications made by 3GPP & 3GPP2 and  provides it as a reference for ITU. Here you can download the CCSA IMT-2000 standards.

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