The 31st Plenary of CCSA TC9 Was Held in Chongqing


On June 8 to 10, sponsored by China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and organized by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) West Branch, the 31st plenary session of the Electromagnetic Environment and Safety Protection Technical Working Committee(TC9) was successfully held at the Wansheng 5G Antenna and Feeder Testing Laboratory of CAICT West Branch. Pan Feng, Deputy Secretary-General of CCSA, Xie Yi, Chairman of TC9, Wang Hao, Head and Party Secretary of Economic Information Bureau of Wansheng Economic Development Zone of Chongqing, and Zhang Yan, President of CAICT West Branch attended the meeting. Zhang Xinghai, TC9 Vice Chairman, presided over the meeting. 

At the plenum, the EMC standards for Internet of Vehicles Vehicle-mounted communication terminal equipment and Vehicle-mounted ethernet equipment were reviewed and approved, which will provide technical support for the next-step work of ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of IOV-related equipment. Two industrial standards in the field of electromagnetic radiation were also under review, including YD/T 1644.7 “Measurement Procedure of Assessing Absorption Rate of Electromagnetic Exposure of Human Body by Hand-held and Body-worn Wireless Communications Equipment Part 7: Body Models, Instruments and Procedures (Frequency Range 4 MHZ to 10 Ghz)” and “Conformity Requirements for Electromagnetic Radiation of Mobile Communications Terminal Equipment Part 4 Capsule Endoscope and Implantable Mobile Communications Terminals”. These two standards can establish the evaluation regulations of electromagnetic radiation from various types of wireless communication equipment to human body, which can not only provide the basis for government supervision, but also guarantee the sound and sustainable development of mobile communication, and protect the radiation safety of the public.

The meeting of four working group was also held at the same time. 7 drafts for comments, 10 drafts submitted for approval and 7 proposals for project application were under review, and the topic of electromagnetic environment of industrial Internet was discussed. (by Guo Gang)