CHEAA/CCSA JWG1 Held The Third Meeting


On June 17, 2021(A.M), China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) successfully held the 3rd Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Smart Home Connectivity (CHEAA/CCSA JWG1) in Chengdu. The draft submitted for approval of group standard, Technical Requirements for Smart Home Systems, Cross-Platform Access and Authentication jointly formulated by CCSA & CHEAA was reviewed at the meeting. 

The standard Technical Requirements for Smart Home Systems, Cross-Platform Access and Authentication aims to unify the specifications about device discovery, authentication and access to distribution network across different smart home systems, so that the smart home devices of different manufacturers and platforms can achieve cross-platform network access and authentication, that is, under the authorization of users, the home devices in line with this standard can access any smart home platform that meets this standard. It is reported that the standard gives due consideration to the requirement of extensibility in actual implementation, focuses on the basic communication protocol, and only provides the essential interactive process of device discovery, connection, distribution network, identity verification, etc., with no specific software capability requirements involved. The manufacturers can customize the extension of enhanced features based on this standard.

Two projects of group standards, Technical Requirements for Smart Home Systems, Device Data Models and Control Interfaces and Smart Home Cloud-based Connectivity Part 1: Basic Models and Technical Requirements, as well as the project application about Technical Requirements for Smart Home Systems, Fast Distribution Network of Wi-fi Terminals Using Soft-AP Technology were discussed in-depth at the meeting. 


CHEAA/CCSA JWG1 will further focus on the practical implementation of standards. Next, it will summarize and analyze the implementation of the smart home connectivity standards publicized by the two associations, in order to draw upon relevant experiences from the current standards work, and further strengthen the feasibility of standards projects, it is under plan to introduce to all member units at the next meeting. (by Shao Guangda, Li Zhuofang &Wang Nina)