CCSA TC6 Held The 24th Plenary


The 24th plenary meeting of Transport Network and Access Network Technical Working Committee was held in Haikou on June 8 to 11, 2021. The meeting was organized by ZTE and attended by 310 representatives from 83 units. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Yang Zhuang and attended by three Vice Chairmen, Ao Li, Zhang Chengliang and Song Zhituo. 


During the meeting, Chairman Yang reported on the technical activities of TC6 working groups since the last plenary meeting and the progress of TC6 in the research projects, and looked forward to the future work of TC6. 


Five experts from ITU-T SG15 were also invited at the meeting to update the development of international standards, with a focus on hot-spot areas of international standards, including the main topics of “progress of 50G TDM PON and WDM-PON standards”, “progress of 5G WDM pre-transmission technical standards”, “progress of OTN OSU technical standards”, “progress of OTN B400G technical standards” and “progress of FTTR technical standards for home optical-fiber network”.


The meetings of various working groups were also held. Six proposals for project application of industrial standards in FTTR-related fields, such as “Technical Requirements for Broadband Customer Networking based on Public Telecommunications Networks, Fiber-to-Room, and Overall” , and 14 drafts submitted for approval about national/industrial standards, including “Test Methods for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON)” , “Performance Requirements and Test Methods of Wi-fi 6 Interface for Home Broadband Customer Smart Gateway based on Public Telecommunications Networks”, “Single-mode Optical Fibers for Communications Part 7: Characteristics of Bend-Loss Insensitive Single-mode Optical Fiber” , “Test Methods of Optical Amplifiers Part 1: Power and Gain Parameters of Single-channel Optical Amplifiers”. 115 national standards and 38 industrial standards of TC6 in 2021 were also under review. (by Zhang Yan)