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CCSA and ETSI extend coordination... 2014-07-30
CCSA approved two standards invol... 2014-05-04
CCSA held the 8th Session of its ... 2014-04-02
CCSA held the 7th Session of its ... 2013-12-27
The 12th General Assembly of CCSA... 2013-12-27
CCSA held the 6th Session of its ... 2013-05-14
The 11st General Assembly of CCSA... 2012-12-24
CCSA held the 5th Session of its ... 2012-12-18

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CCSA held the 8th Session of its Third Council
CCSA held the 7th Session of its Third Council in Beijing

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YD-2013-0931T Technical Requirement for LTE based Broadband Trunking Communication(B-TrunC) System (Phase 1) 2014-01-20
YD/T 2675-2013 Test parameters and test methods for VHF/UHF frequency band radio monitoring and direction finding system in OATS 2013-12-31
YD/T 2676-2013 Technical requirements for access networks Supporting frequency and time synchronization in PON system 2013-12-31

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